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Brave Strangers Risk Their Lives To Rescue People Trapped In Smoking Car.

We don’t have to know someone to show them incredible kindness (and vice versa).

Residents in Newport Beach, California, were reminded of this truth one morning. Much like any other day, they were driving to work, squeezing in quick workouts, and grabbing breakfast. But then they heard the terrible sound of twisting metal.

suv crash rescue newport beach

An SUV had crashed into a tree, totaling the vehicle and trapping everyone inside. The car started tipping over and smoke poured from the windows, but the danger didn’t stop several Good Samaritans from running over to help.

Journalist Kari Rene Hall recorded the incredible moment on her phone. In the video, we see about 20 people rush to push the tilting vehicle back onto four wheels, even though they knew it could explode at any moment. They didn’t care – they were too busy working together to save lives!

suv crash rescue newport beach

And they succeeded! Not only did they prevent the car from crashing onto its side, but they were also able to help at least two of its occupants escape. Then they held on until firefighters from the Newport Beach Fire Department arrived.

While all three passengers were injured, they are expected to recover. It’s all thanks to these strangers’ heroic responses!

Their quick reactions in the face of danger brought some witnesses to tears. “That really got me because we didn’t know if they were alive or not, you know, and they were all helping to lift this really heavy car,” one woman said, getting choked up.

suv crash rescue newport beach

What a good reminder that everyone is capable of showing selfless kindness! Of course, most of us will never keep a car from toppling over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make someone’s day. All it takes is treating others how we want to be treated.

Watch strangers risk their lives to save others in the video below, and share to thank this group for their heroism.

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