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Newly Adopted Puppy Jumps Into Action When Owner Has a Medical Emergency: “I Guess This Is a Sign”

A woman with POTS smiling next to her new dog.

After this adopted puppy’s impressive response to his new owner’s medical emergency, one woman is truly wondering who rescued who! Amanda McCloskey has POTS, which causes her to sometimes feel dizzy or even faint when standing up. She was in the market for a medical alert dog to help predict these spells, but she wanted to get to know the pooch first. That’s why she decided to foster a sweet pup named Ryder, who was only five months old.

“It was supposed to be just a short-term foster,” Amanda told People. “I picked up Ryder, brought him home, and about a day later, I fell in love with him. I was like, ‘Okay, there’s something about you. We have this connection now.'”

A small, black puppy laying on the ground next to a fence.

Shortly after Amanda adopted her new puppy, something happened that made her realize she’d picked the perfect dog. Although Ryder had not started training yet, he was still able to predict a medical emergency before it occurred! His owner was floored by how the pooch detected her POTS episode right away.

“We’re just watching TV, and he just starts barking at me,” Amanda recounted. “I stood up to let him out, and that’s when my watch started going off, letting me know that my heart rate was over 130. I got super dizzy and sort of blacked out.”

This newly adopted puppy is about to become a fully trained service dog.

A woman with POTS smiling next to her new dog.

After this incident, it dawned on the pet parent that Ryder had been trying to warn her about the oncoming medical emergency. She knew then that she’d adopted the best puppy to help her navigate life with POTS. Amanda was quick to start the dog’s training!

In several months, Ryder should be a full-fledged service dog. It seems like he and Amanda were just meant to be together!

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