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Homeless Man Brings Non-Verbal 8-Yr-Old Out Of Her Shell For Sweetest Duet.

Young children have a remarkable way of connecting with other people, no matter their differences or disabilities.

Eight-year-old Nevaeh, in particular, appears to have been born to make others smile. The adorable little girl with Down syndrome has a knack for making friends with everyone she meets. As such, she loves volunteering with her mom, Kimberly Phillips, and recently took part in her local church’s program to feed the poor.


There, Nevaeh met a homeless man named Teiyon, who asked if she wanted to sing with him. She eagerly agreed and allowed Teiyon to pick her up while her mom recorded their impromptu duet.

teiyon sings to nevaeh

Kimberly says Nevaeh is normally non-verbal, but hearing Teiyon’s voice must have warmed the little girl’s heart. At first, he sings Smokie Norful’s “I Understand” as Nevaeh watches, but then she jumps in and occasionally vocalizes along! “Her actions speak louder than words,” Kimberly said. “Love made her do it.”

teiyon and nevaeh sing

Nevaeh’s mom was so touched by their apparent bond that she shared the footage on Facebook. Millions watched the singing duo, hearts melting. Kimberly was overwhelmed by the positive response.

teiyon holds nevaeh

“We are deeply humbled by the outpouring of love we have received,” Kimberly wrote in a Facebook post. “We have met up several times since this video went viral and all we can do is look at each other in pure awe! Together these two have a powerful message!”

nevaeh hugs teiyon

That message has even inspired additional acts of kindness. Old classmates who recognized Teiyon have reached out and offered to help in a number of ways.

 singing video comment

If we all opened our hearts to others the way this little girl so generously does, love would spread like wildfire throughout the world. Thanks, Nevaeh, for being such a wonderful example of what the power of kindness can do.

Watch this sweet pair sing together in the clip below, and don’t forget to share.

8-year-old girl with Down syndrome sings with homeless man she met volunteering

MIRACLE OF SONG: This 8-year-old girl with Down syndrome is usually non-verbal. But when a homeless man started singing to her, she jumped right in 😍

Posted by CBS News on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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