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Client Hears Struggling Nail Tech’s Story During Manicure & Makes Sweet Secret Plan.

There’s nothing we love more than hearing stories from you, our fans. Here’s one sent to us from an anonymous Morning Smiler: 

“My nail tech was going through some tough times, in the middle of a divorce, driving a 15-year-old vehicle, and trying desperately to make ends meet. The car died. She had it taken to a repair shop where they put in close to $1,000 to make it drivable. The store worked out an easy monthly payment plan.

I asked her where she had the repairs done and immediately drove out to pay it off for her. I explained to the customer service woman that I wanted this to be anonymous. The sweet nail tech will never know it was me.


Of course, she has told me the story and I smile and tell her there are good people in this world who care about her!”

Thanks so much to this Morning Smiler for her inspiring act of kindness and for sharing this story with us.

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