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Neil The Seal Is 1,300 Lbs And Taking Tasmania By Storm With His Antics!

Neil the Seal

A massive elephant seal, appropriately dubbed “Neil the Seal,” has been mercilessly menacing Tasmania since 2021โ€” but his reign of terror is actually delightful to the townsfolk. The grumpy giant goes ashore a couple of times a year and hops around the roads, hangs out on front porches, knocks over road signs, and mean-mugs anyone who tells him to move along. He’s become a staple character to those living near the shore, and thanks to his antics, he’s a local legend turned international star.

The mischievous guy is only two years old, and he already weighs in at 1,300 lbs. The blubbery seal loves to explore the mainland, and he enjoys long naps on the hot pavement. People often gather to marvel at him because southern elephant seals are rare on the Australian island. They also can’t get over his big personality.

We’ve compiled a few videos of Neil the Seal causing chaos for his neighbors. They’ll give you a wholesome look into life with the gigantic, loveable nuisance.

1. Neil the Seal’s Chaos in a Nutshell

Here, we have Neil roaming Tasmania as if he owns the place. He hops into crowds of people, sending them scattering, and he glares at people who have the audacity to ask him to get off their lawn. He’s also well known by the local authorities. They constantly have to coax him off roadways and stand guard when the seal decides to rest in a park.

He may only be 2, but he’s a true curmudgeon, and it’s hilariously endearing.

2. Neil Has a Playful Side

Neil the Seal enjoys rocking around the island, playing with construction cones, and bullying cars. After working up a sweat while terrorizing, he takes a dip in the deep blue water. We hope to be reincarnated as a Tasmanian elephant seal.

3. What? This Looks Like a Great Place to Nap!

Neil could probably find a more appropriate place to sleep, but drivers give him the respect he deserves.

4. Oh, Hey, Neil!

Neil’s already accustomed to being a star. He even waves to his adoring fans.

5. Neil the Seal is Living His Best Life

A perfect compilation video of Neil living his best life. No one knows how to relax like him. He’s our spirit animal.

6. The Locals Are Always Helping Him Out

People on the Island have Neil’s back, and they’ve learned to protect him safely. As Neil’s official Instagram account shared, this dad caught Neil snoozing on the road, and he knew that Neil would follow his favorite construction cone into the grass. So, he lured him away from the cars. Some people in the comments worried the man was too close to the wild animal, but Neil’s moderator noted that he did the right thing.

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