Neil The Seal “Forces” A Tasmanian Woman To Play Hooky.

seal in front of a car

Prepare for a level of absurdity and cuteness you’ve never before seen fused together: Neil the Seal.


A Tasmanian woman was recently housebound due to a visitor that she didn’t expect. A seal in her yard!

She woke up to the sound of rustling near her vehicle and assumed that, unfortunately, her car was being broken into. However, what was happening was quite a bit sillier!

This image is from TikTok.

Neil the Seal was dropping by for a visit!

After moving around the yard for a bit, Neil settled in for a nap in front of the woman’s car, leaving her unable to get to work. She called her boss and, as the clip says, received a “seal of approval” to miss work that day.

Neil seemed comfortable, but the woman wasn’t sure what was going on. She reached out to marine experts to inquire about the seal, and they informed her that this was a normal part of Neil’s routine!

In fact, he’s been equipped with a tracking device to ensure that he doesn’t wind up in an unsafe situation!

Check out Neil’s full story below. BRB… catching a flight to Tasmania!


A woman had no choice but to stay home from work when Neil the seal chose her front yard as his nap spot. Thanks, Neil! 🦭 Neil the elephant seal is a respected resident in Tasmania. The local marine conservation experts manage an IG account for him: neiltheseal22 📸 Amber Harris / neiltheseal22 #seal #sealtok #marinelife #goodnews #positivecontent

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The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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