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15 Pictures Of Flowers Covering California So Thoroughly They’re Visible From Space

What’s better than a field full of brightly-colored wildflowers? How about miles and miles of them, spanning the state of California?

After a difficult winter of wild weather and record flooding, the Golden State is experiencing an incredible superbloom like none other. The naturally-occurring phenomenon is on display from one end of the state to the other, drawing tourists, influencers, and nature-lovers from near and far.

1. Superblooms happen randomly, usually after a particularly rainy winter.

2. University of California ecologists say there have been 10 superblooms in the Anza-Borrego Desert over the past 40 years.

3. Ecologists guess they happen about once a decade, but California has seen them in 2017 and 2019.

4. In 2019, so many people came to see the wildflowers that cover the hills, valleys, and basins of the state that the crowds became a problem.

5. This year, officials warn people to stay home or follow the rules if they do decide to visit.

6. Rules include staying on the designated paths, not crushing or stomping the flowers, and, of course, no picking the blossoms.

7. California authorities have even created an official catchphrase and hashtag for the superbloom: “Don’t doom the bloom!”

8. People just can’t resist getting up close and personal with nature’s incredible display.

9. But if flowers like this get picked or crushed, they likely won’t come back the following year.

10. Anyone caught trespassing or violating the rules will get a pricey ticket.

11. This year, the reds, oranges, purples, and yellows are so vibrant, they can be seen from space!

12. Satellite and other images prove that this year’s super bloom is bigger and brighter than ever.

13. Drone footage of the event also shows the true span of this breathtaking flower show.

14. It’s especially awe-inspiring when you realize that not a single seed was sown, nor was there any irrigation or tending to make this happen. It’s pure luck… and a lot of rain!

15. We’re not sure if this awesome display of nature makes up for all of that record flooding in 2022, but it definitely helps.

California is so beautiful, and such a fruitful source of a lot of food we eat here in the United States. We hope visitors respect the rules so everyone can enjoy the superbloom, even from afar!

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