Neighbor Girls Save Woman’s Home From Burning Down By Coming To Play With Her Dog.

Two little girls look serious as they talk to their neighbor, Brina, through her Ring camera about her fire alarm going off.

Brina Garcia is no stranger to her neighbors. She lives in an apartment and has become quite close with two little girls who live nearby, especially after a recent incident that nearly left her apartment in ruins. The harrowing story starts while Brina is away at work. A pot on the stove catches the attention of Teddy, her dog.


From what they can tell, it seems he manages to use his paw to turn the stove on. Eventually, a fire starts, prompting the fire alarm to go off. Luckily, Brina’s young neighbors show up just in time.

Two little girls smile and wave at the Ring camera of a neighbor named Brina.

The two little girls absolutely adore Teddy. In fact, Brina says they come visit the sweet pup every single day. Of course, on this particular day, the girls take note of the fire alarm that seems to be coming from Brina’s apartment.

Thanks to Brina’s Ring camera, they’re able to get in contact with her. Even Brina can hear the alarm, prompting her to ask the girls if they smell smoke. They don’t at first but, soon enough, they do. Soon after, a man arrives to help. It seems he’s a maintenance worker.

Neighbor Girls Save Woman’s Dog in Apartment Fire

@brinagarciax0 These 2 little girls always come to my door and ask to see my dog teddy, i wasnt home at the time if it wasnt for them my place wpuld be burned down 🙏🏼 Thankful for my Ring door bell caught this all on camera @Ring @RingDoorBellVideos ♬ Epic Music(863502) – Draganov89

As soon as he opens the door, the light from flames can be seen, and Brina starts to, understandably, freak out. Thankfully, though, a video capturing this moments shows little Teddy making an escape, something that might not have happened in time had it not been for these sweet neighbors.

To show her appreciation for the girls, Brina plans to reward them with toys, snacks, and fun treats!

@brinagarciax0 Replying to @Janet Gabriela a pot was burning on the stove. Heres teddy ! Hes fine ❤️ And the things for the 2 girls ✨✨ #fyp #update #ringdoorbell ♬ Everybody – Nicki Minaj

“These two little girls always come to my door and ask to see my dog teddy,” Brina writes. “I wasn’t home at the time. If it wasn’t for them my place would be burned down. Thankful for my Ring door bell caught this all on camera.”

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