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Bollywood Dance Group’s Sizzling Audition Has Judge Going Straight For Golden Buzzer.

In a total explosion of rhythm, talent, and energy, the Negma Dance Group lit up the stage during their audition for this season of “Italia’s Got Talent.”

Led by powerhouse siblings Federico Orlando and Francesca Negma, they make up a professional Bollywood dance company that combines folkloric and modern Indian dance styles in a fusion of charisma and fun!

Each member of the troupe has years of study and experience under their belt, and they bring their own unique flair to the whole. Meanwhile, the Negma siblings take care of the art direction and stunning choreography.

The judges and audience members who were present for their “Italia’s Got Talent” audition were lucky to experience the phenomenal performance for themselves.

In a video, we see their act burst into energy right from the start. The Negma siblings dance to incredibly quick rhythms in perfect synchronization. As the song progresses, their choreography grows more complex and engaging, until suddenly, their company explodes onstage from the wings.

Their momentum does not slow down for even a second until the very last moment, and the audience and judges are completely blown away!

After a rousing standing ovation, the whole room receives a shock when judge Joe Bastianich makes his way over to the center of the table and pushes that thrilling Golden Buzzer, sending the group all the way through to the semifinals!

“A real daydream! Negma means ‘star’ and on the stage there were stars everywhere … dancing with us, judging, and falling from the sky above each of us,” the dance crew wrote on Instagram. “But most of all, thanks [Joe Bastianich]. Proud to be your Golden Team.”

What a breathtaking performance! We can’t wait to see what they bring to the dance floor next.

Watch their sensational audition in the video below, and share the fun with a friend.

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