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“This Is Not Human,” Skater Wins 3rd Consecutive Gold Medal With Flawless Performance.

Very few professional skaters can captivate their audience (and judges) quite as well as Nathan Chen.

There’s a reason the 19-year-old prodigy from Salt Lake City, Utah, has been the reigning champion of men’s figure skating in the United States for the past three years in a row. His elegant, awe-inspiring moves almost defy gravity… demonstrated by the stellar performance that just won him gold.

nathan chen world champion

On Jan. 27, the defending world champion dominated yet again at the 2019 US Figure Skating Championship in Detroit, beating silver medalist Vincent Zhou by 58 points with his free-skate routine set to “Land of All” by Woodkid.

chen's free-skate performance

In a performance judges described as “near perfection,” Chen starts out strong by landing a quadruple lutz. He then goes on to execute three more flawless quad jumps.

chen lands quadruple lutz

As Chen glides energetically over the ice, twisting and turning his body with superb control, commentators gush over how “he makes it look so easy!”

nathan chen

Chen just keeps racking up the points, finishing up with a score of 228.80 in the free skate. He earned an overall score of 342.22 in the competition, bagging his third consecutive national title.

nathan chen

One commentator put it best when he proclaimed, “All hail Nathan the great!”

“He is a god! This is not human,” another raved. Though perhaps to show that he is, in fact, human, Chen stumbled as he went to accept the gold medal at the winner’s podium and nearly fell in a totally relatable moment.

Still, one thing’s for sure about the rest of us by comparison:


Congrats, Chen, on nailing your routine and completely blowing the competition out of the water!

Check out his gold medal-winning performance in the video below, and be sure to share his incredible talent with the world.

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