Mesmerizing: Man Quietly Performs Magic To Himself At Table In Cafe.

Man does magic in a cafe with floating piece of paper.

When you go to your local cafe, you can expect to see some interesting people most days. This day was no exception, as patrons saw a gentleman performing magic. The scene opens in a normal cafe with patrons seated at every visible table. Most guests were seated in groups, but one man sat by himself.

Typical cafe with several patrons
Image from TikTok.

With his back to the window, the camera zooms in on him. He is making strange movements with his hands.

Man sitting in a cafe doing something with his hands.
Image from TikTok.

He appears to have a long, skinny piece of paper. He makes the “OK” sign with both hands and passes the paper through the circles. As his hands reach each end of the paper, you expect it to fall to the table.

As he removes his hands, the paper continues to float. It's magic!
Image from TikTok.

But… it doesn’t fall. It just floats above the table in front of the man.

As he removes his hands, the paper continues to float. It's magic!
Image from TikTok.

At first, we thought that the white lines visible in the image had something to do with the magic. However, as you watch the video, you can see that those are behind the gentleman’s arm. They are not connected to the paper as it floats. He continues passing his hands around, over, and under the floating paper. There is nothing holding it up.

Moving the floating paper around with hand gestures, the man continues to amaze viewers with his magic.
Image from TikTok.

The man uses his hand movements to guide the floating paper without touching it. We watch him move it up, down, and around. An observer caught the magic of the moment and posted it on TikTok.

The Only Description For This Is Magic

As the man finished his impromptu demonstration, he turned to the camera. His knowing smile and nod say it all. He knows his magic just boggled the brains of the other people in the cafe! Share this with a friend who needs a little magic in their life!


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