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Bird Hates Mom’s Music So He Uses Alexa To Outsmart Owner In Hilarious Video.

For anyone who owns an Amazon Echo/Alexa, they know how handy the little device can be. With a simple voice command, you can get the weather, play trivia games, or listen to your favorite music.

Mr. Magoo, an African Grey parrot, is smarter than the average bird, because he has figured out how to control Alexa on his own – much to the displeasure of his owner.


Mr. Magoo has a respectable number of social media followers because his owners enjoy posting videos and photos of him and his antics. He’s a very pretty bird and seriously clever. He can say a lot of words – many of which are unprompted, but in context!


Recently, his owner captured a video of the parrot calling the shots on what music was playing in her own home. In it, she asks Alexa to play “New York, New York” as Mr. Magoo sits nearby the speaker.

At first, Mr. Magoo listens to the music but seems a little annoyed by it. Then, he starts to walk away and appears to be going into his cage for hiding.


Suddenly, he says, “Alexa, stop” and like any good AI assistant, Alexa does what is told. Mr. Magoo’s owner says “hey, I like that song!” and requests the song come on again. This time, Mr. Magoo is not so patient. Within seconds, the bird once again tells Alexa to stop the music.

Mr. Magoo looks at his owner as if to tell her, “I won this round” and she simply laughs at his antics.


Since posting the video, everyone has become enamored with this bird and his outspoken ways!

What the hilarious video of Mr. Magoo showing his owner who’s boss below – and don’t forget to share with your friends!

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