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Dad Challenges Son To Dance-Off — Bursts Out Laughing When Baby Busts Epic Moves.

ed and baby danceoff

As the saying goes, “Like father, like son.”

Musician Edwin Morrow (stage name Edvanz’d) is an Atlanta, Georgia-based rapper with a strong online following. He’s also a devoted husband and father to son Maverick, and now a video shot by his wife is going viral thanks to the adorable dance-off he staged with the baby.


In the video, Ed and Maverick are just chilling on the carpeted floor of the family living room when dad stands up and challenges his son to a dance-off. The baby just sits quietly while dad shows off some impressive moves, then pops onto the floor for some breakdancing action.


The baby simply watches impassively as his dad does his bit, and when Ed finishes he drops to the floor and asks, “What you got, son?”

Without missing a beat Maverick begins to do his own breakdance move. That is, he just spins around on his little bum in a vague imitation of what he’d just seen his dad do. Needless to say, this move is incredibly cute and Maverick’s parents burst out laughing.


Encouraged by the cheerful response, Maverick grins up at his mom and then starts spinning the other way. Ed even goes for a high five but the little guy is far too busy breakdancing to stop, causing his parents to laugh even louder.

“That’s right, baby! Now you go the other way!” Maverick’s mom cheers from behind the camera. Once he’s spun around enough, he stops to giggle as his dad flops back onto the ground. This little guy has clearly been paying attention and is ready to be a real chip off the old block!


“Now do a backflip on him,” Ed’s wife jokes, causing them both to erupt into further gales of laughter. This is such a sweet family moment! It’s impossible not to laugh once you see that sweet little boy doing his level best breakdancing imitation.

Take a look for yourself in the video below, and be sure to share to make someone smile today.

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