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Mr. Dinky And Friends: These Adorable Chipmunks Stop By For Snacks Every Day!

cute chipunk

Social media is a veritable treasure trove for cute videos. One particularly adorable gold mine can be found on the aptly named Chipmunks of Tiktok account. As you might have guessed, you’ll find a variety of videos of resident chipmunks and their antics — and it’ll positively melt your heart.

chipmunk eating

Let’s start with a roll call, because this wonderful account features several different chipmunks who live on the creator’s property. Of course, you have the fan favorite, Mr. Dinky, who adorably comes running when called. Plus, you can also see Squishy, Mooshy, SpongeBob, Boris, Bubba, Stinky, and more! 

Part of the magic is that the creator, and the most dedicated of fans, can recognize each of these regulars by sight. Each chipmunk has their own adorable little personality. 

They all also get their own little cache of nuts when they make an appearance! You can see the creator share little handfuls of peanuts or hazelnuts, which the chipmunks happily stuff their incredible expandable cheeks with. 


These cheeks are specially adapted to store large amounts of food while the chipmunk transports them. The cheeks actually contain specialized pouches to hold their food, and the pouches grow as the chipmunk does! 

While out foraging, chipmunks can use these pouches to hold as many nuts and seeds as possible. Once they fill those pouches, they travel back to their burrow, or to a hiding place within their home range to store the nuts for later eating. These stashes of food are known as caches. 

chipmunk eats from hand

But don’t take it from me! Let Dinky and his friends show you the wonderful abilities of these pouches in action. Enjoy, and hopefully this little chipmunk helps brighten your day, I know he’s brightened mine!


The great Mr Dinky filling the cheeks then showing his speed, fill the cheeks #fyp #cute #cuteanimals #chipmunks #dinky

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