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102-Yr-Old Grandpa Never Eats Alone Thanks To This Simple, Life-Changing Device.

ed saluting

It hasn’t always been easy for 102-year-old Ed Miklavcic to keep his loved ones close, but thanks to a simple device, it’s easier than ever.

Family is a high priority for Ed, who was born seventh in a family of twelve children. Because the next child in line always took on the responsibilities of the older sibling, Ed became the family chauffeur, driving them wherever they wanted to go.

young ed in black and white photo
Courtesy of Ed Miklavcic

It’s no surprise, then, that in 1940 Ed was happy to take one of his brothers to enlist in the U.S. Army Air Corps. What was a surprise, however, was that Ed ended up being the one to sign up to serve his country. After making this decision, he only had four hours to say goodbye to his family, leaving him unable to see his father, who was at work during that time.

Over the next five years, Ed supported the United States during World War II, receiving a nomination for two Bronze Stars. One star was for his work in getting the landing strip and airfield up and running after the bombings at Pearl Harbor, and the other was for rescuing a drowning man.

Following his service, Ed moved back to the Milwaukee area, where he married his wife, Lois, and had four children. Finally, he was with his family once more! 

young ed and louis in black and white wedding photo
Courtesy of Ed Miklavcic

After a while, however, as his children grew up and moved away, the Miklavcic family struggled to stay connected. Due to his macular degeneration and arthritis, along with his unfamiliarity with modern technology, using a smartphone to keep in touch wasn’t easy. 

Thankfully, Ed’s daughter introduced him to a life-changing device: the GrandPad!

With this simple, safe tablet, 102-year-old Ed regularly video chats and shares photos with his loved ones. In fact, his son is able to join him at breakfast every single day via video chat – his family loves that Ed doesn’t have to eat alone!

Unlike other smart devices that have popup alerts and complex settings options, the GrandPad comes set up and ready-to-go. And the included 4G LTE connectivity means that the GrandPad can go anywhere Ed goes! 

Ed has found so much success and joy with his easy-to-use tablet that he recently became a GrandAdvisor for the company! Now, not only is he using his GrandPad to communicate with loved ones and listen to his favorite country songs, but he’s helping others do just the same.

ed saluting
Courtesy of Ed Miklavcic

In other words, Ed continues to do the things he does best: loving and helping others, things that we can never be too old to accomplish.

Get a family better connected with GrandPad today, and don’t forget to spread the word.

*We couldn’t do all the good that we’re doing without incredible sponsors like GrandPad. We hope you’ll join us in supporting them!

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