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Move Over, March Madness — March Napness Will Crown The Sleepiest Bear Of 2024!

big brown bear

Sure, sure, sure. Some of us like basketball. But if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s an obsession with sleepy bears. March Napness is a celebration of sleepytime, and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you about it.

This cozy competition is a celebration of hibernation, pitting 6 bear sanctuaries around the world against each other to find the bear who sleeps the longest.

Four Paws USA puts on March Napness annually to raise awareness for bears who are mistreated.

Bears who participate in cruel shows or advertisements lose their natural cycles. The bears at these sanctuaries have been rescued from these abusive situations and are now, perhaps, experiencing their first hibernation ever.

The winner of March Napness is the bear who sleeps the longest. Now that’s a competition I think I could win!

march napness competitors
This image is from Instagram.

As Four Paws captioned their Instagram post… “Let’s get ready to… SLUMBER!”

We can’t wait to find out which March Napness competitor is the sleepiest of them all. Just from looking at their pictures, my money’s on Svetla.

Who do you think is going to take home the gold?

The featured image for this post is from Instagram.

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