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Move Over, Batman! Dodgers Batboy Casually Saves Pitcher From Rogue Ball

A batboy raises a leg int he air as he narrowly catches the ball from the dugout

Who says baseball is boring? A recent series between the Dodgers and the White Sox was packed full of exciting moments. This includes a spectacular catch that has since gone viral! That catch took place during the very last game of the series — and it happened thanks to one skilled batboy for the Dodgers. His name? Javier Herrera.

In a video of this amazing moment, Javier can be seen in the dugout. With him are Dodgers players, including Shohei Ohtani. This beloved star has had quite the impressive record this year, but the reason for this moment going viral doesn’t have anything to do with what he did. On the contrary, it’s the batboy who saves the day by catching a stray ball… one that almost hits Ohtani! Watch Javier’s incredible save in the video below.

This truly is the kind of video that you play over and over again because WOW! Look at the speed of that ball! Still, that didn’t stop this superstar batboy from using his impressive reflexes to save the day.

Crowd Goes Wild Over The Moment This Dodgers Batboy Pulls Off an Impressive Catch

With the catch happening so quickly, it took a bit for folks to appreciate how impressive it truly was — at least that was the case for fans. As for the people who were near Javier when he made the catch… well, their looks of pure shock and amazement say it all!

“I hope Shohei buys that young man a nice dinner,” one fan shares in reply to the video, with another adding, “This and the Orioles fan catch a few days ago are why I love baseball more than any other sport. These kind of moments just don’t happen in other pro sports.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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