Don’t Feel Like Getting Out Of Bed? This Guy Didn’t Either…. So He Built A Bed On Wheels.

Man crafts the ultimate bed on wheels.

We all have those days where we’d rather stay in bed than get up and be an adult. One man is “living the dream” with a DIY motorized bed. Deciding that he wanted to be able to lie down while attending to his daily activities, a clever DIY mechanic crafted a bed on wheels. He originally had the idea as a child when he wanted to lie down during school. His prototype was pretty basic.

Protoype of a motorized bed crafted by a DIY enthusiast.
Image from YouTube.

A simple wooden frame, a thin futon-style mattress, a comfy pillow, and a coordinating blanket. What more could you ask for? The functional bed on wheels worked well enough. It could traverse flat areas, turn 360 degrees, and travel up to 50 kilometers (about 31 miles). He added an adjustable bedframe and a tent canopy to protect against sun and rain.

Exploring the features incorporated into the motorized bed design.
Image from YouTube.

That was two years ago, and it was only the first prototype. You will swoon when you see the innovations he has added to his newest prototype. Our friend Science Girl posted a new video recently on X (Twitter), and the upgrades are incredible! The new version now has 16 wheels, independent suspension on each axle, and full off-road capabilities!

Upgraded mobility with all-terrain capability.
Image from X (Twitter).

The entire bedframe can rotate 360 degrees on the platform in motion, allowing for a panoramic view of the scenery.

New Motorized Bed Features Are Off The Hook!

Being able to go forward is a great option, but the new upgrade offers many features that make the bed on wheels almost practical. The all-wheel drive and independent suspension mean that steps are not an insurmountable obstacle. The motorized bed can climb almost vertically to reach new heights.

Bed on wheels can overcome almost any obstacle.
Images from X (Twitter).

A tray table is mounted near the foot of the bed but moves toward the headboard as needed to accommodate meals. When you’re hungry and too tired or lazy to feed yourself, a robotic arm installed in the headboard will feed you. Seriously, these dreamy features are amazing.

16 tiny tires and independent suspension make a smooth ride.
Images from X (Twitter).

We are unsure what motivates this creative DIYer, but he seems to have pulled out all the stops for this most recent version! You can watch the road test of the latest upgrades below. We wonder if he plans to reinstall the adjustable frame to allow him to sit up again. If you enjoyed this excursion into the absurdity of a lazy inventor, please share this with your friends. We’re more inclined toward preparing a human-powered mobile pet bed than this extravagant beauty. Of course, we found a granny who does enjoy her version of a motorized bed, courtesy of her grandsons.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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