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Motorcyclist Helps Capture Runaway Horse, Safely Returns Animal To Owner

A runaway horse galloping down an empty street.

When a man on a motorcycle saw a woman trying to catch her runaway horse, he decided to lend her a hand and a set of wheels! What followed was a hilarious chase through a neighborhood in the Netherlands, and it was all captured on the biker’s dash cam. In the footage, Walter the horse gallops down the picturesque streets without a care in the world. Meanwhile, his owner tries frantically to capture him to no avail.

Riding on the back of the stranger’s motorcycle, the woman actually catches up with the runaway horse a few times. However, the clever animal manages to dodge her, forcing her to get back on the bike and try again. Eventually, though, Walter seems to have his fill of misbehaving. He finally allows his owner to grab onto his bridle and lead him home. The woman thanks the motorcyclist profusely for his help in the chase!

This video has been going viral on Facebook, where users can’t get enough of Walter’s antics. Many commenters also noted that it was really kind of the man on the motorcycle to help this woman catch up with her runaway horse.

“God bless you for taking the time to help this lady save her horse,” one person wrote. “It could have been so bad. The horse could have gotten killed and people in a car could have gotten killed. God bless you you are a hero.”

A runaway horse galloping down an empty street.
Screengrab from Facebook

This is one motorcycle ride that biker will probably never forget after all, how often do you get to chase down a runaway horse? In all seriousness, though, we’re glad no one got hurt during Walter’s escapades!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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