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Golden Party! 16 Retrievers Get On One Bus For The Cutest Field Trip Ever

Images show 16 golden retrievers on the doggy day camp bus.

What happens when you put 16 golden retrievers on a bus? They go on a field trip, that’s what! February 3rd is National Golden Retriever Day. The Ruff and Puff Doggy Day Camp staff planned a terrific outing for 16 goldens. The day began with the goldens piling into the doggy bus.


Happy Golden Retriever Day everyone! We took 16 golden retrievers to a park to splash around and play!🥳 We love our goldens!!💛

♬ i was made for lovin you – music:)

Once there, the golden retrievers enjoyed playing fetch. There was a lot of running around and other activities. They even got some puddle time when someone threw their ball into the water.

Images shows several dogs romping in a large puddle chasing a ball.
Image from Instagram.

Golden retrievers love water. All of the dogs had a great day. When they were done playing and getting suitably soaked, the dogs were loaded back onto the bus for the ride home. Some needed a special blankie to get warm after the day’s excitement. It was declared the “Best day ever!”

After a day at the dog park, 16 tired and wet golden retrievers were loaded onto the bus to go home.
Image from Instagram.

But the fun wasn’t finished. On the ride home, the golden retrievers on the bus got a special treat. They got pup cups to share on the ride home!

Pup cups were earned with good behavior.
Image from Instagram.

The Ruff and Puff Doggy Day Camp is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They offer all breeds a place to socialize, run, and play. They supervise the dogs during all activities and provide various dog care services. The dogs travel on a modified school bus, and they can earn treats with good behavior. The center celebrates many human and dog holidays and gives birthday parties for the pups.

You can follow the antics of this doggy daycare on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Please share if you enjoyed reading about the golden retrievers and their bus ride.

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