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Mother Gorilla Puts Son In His Place When He Takes Sibling Rivalry Too Far

gorillas fighting

Did you know gorillas have sibling rivalry, too? These funny clips are proving that it’s not just humans who bicker with their brothers and sisters. When Mom has a new baby, this older brother is seriously jealous.

While it’s easy to think only humans are capable of complex feelings like jealousy, these animals are proving that it’s not so true. This big brother isn’t happy to see his new baby sibling — and his mom isn’t pleased at his behavior!

The compilation starts with the oldest brother taking a swing at his baby brother who is napping peacefully in their mom’s arms. She swats him away and he runs off, brooding and embarrassed.

It happened again moments later, and Mom blocked him once again. She’s trying to get this gorilla sibling rivalry under control.

Then, in perhaps the most movie-perfect moment of this entire video, the older brother comes up to his mom to swing, once more, at his baby bro. Instead of pushing him off, this mom timed a perfectly aimed spit-take right at this gorilla’s face!

gorilla and baby
This image is from X.

He was obviously frustrated, but that kind of behavior couldn’t be tolerated. These gorillas have some serious sibling rivalry, but this mom seems like she’s navigated this sort of bad behavior before!

Why is this brother so mad?

Whenever animals display this sort of behavior, it’s interesting to ponder why that would be.

gorilla spitting on other gorilla
This image is from X.

Maybe this gorilla feels like he needs to compete for Mom’s attention so he has plenty of resources available.

Or, of course, maybe he’s just needy and looking for his mommy to hold him like she’s holding his new brother.

Whatever the reason is, it’s fascinating and hilarious to watch this intense gorilla sibling rivalry on video. I didn’t know these creatures were this emotional! What an amazing sight.

The featured image for this post is from X.

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