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This Dog Dressed As A Mop For Halloween & Already Won Best Costume In Our Eyes.

What’s a dog owner to do when you need to find a costume for the Halloween parade, but your dog resembles a big black mop? How about… oh, I don’t know. Make him a mop costume?

That’s what one intrepid dog owner did at the¬†Paw-Rade in Covington, Kentucky! A sweet dog named Keki, who is a Puli breed of dog, spent the entire parade riding in the comfort of a bright yellow mop bucket while his owner “mopped” the city street with him.


Puli dogs are known for their unique rope-like fur. Many people have compared their hair to dreadlocks, but few have come up with such a clever way of showcasing the breed’s unique physique as well as this owner!


Once the pictures and videos hit the web, the costume immediately went viral. Everyone has pretty much decided that Keki here has officially won Halloween. We can all go home now, because we have a winner, folks!


No one who saw Keki’s costume could help but laugh. He was definitely “a crowd favorite,” as one crowd member commented. One thing is for sure; Keki could not look happier about all of the compliments and positive attention he received!


Look at that smiling doggy face! He is just too perfect! Here’s a quick video of the mop dog in action:

Happy Halloween, everyone! Remember, sometimes it’s better to work with what you’ve got!

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