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Abuse Survivor’s Reaction To Her Brand-New Smile Will Move You To Tears.

Every once in awhile, a person performs a selfless act of generosity and kindness that gives everyone a new reason to smile.

Such was the case when a woman named Kyleigha went to Marshall Family Dentistry in Longview, Texas, to have a wisdom tooth extracted. Her dentist, Dr. Kenny Wilstead, took one look at her mouth and asked what had happened to her front tooth.

“Her front tooth was in shambles,” he stated on Facebook.


Kyleigha told the doctor that her tooth had been broken for the past two years after she’d suffered abuse at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.

Her ex had headbutted her in the face, breaking her front tooth to smithereens and rendering it, she thought, unfixable. She told Kenny that her last dentist had told her the tooth could not be fixed, so she had just resigned herself to living with it.

Kyleigha also couldn’t afford to pay a lot for expensive cosmetic dentistry, so she just assumed that a beautiful smile was out of reach forever.


“She said she was definitely going to have me fix all her teeth with tax returns,” Kenny said. But that wasn’t nearly good enough for this dentist, who saw an opportunity to help someone in need and seized it instantly.

“I said….’Hell no!! We’re gonna fix that tooth right now, no charge,'” Kenny wrote.

When Kenny finished working on Kyleigha’s tooth, he handed her a mirror and told her to take a look at her new smile. Her reaction was beautiful. As she looked in the mirror for the first time, tears filled her eyes and all she could manage was, “Thank you!”


Kenny says Kyleigha’s reaction is “a moment I will cherish forever.”


Isn’t it wonderful when someone can surprise another person who never expected any help? Excellent job, doc.

Watch Kyleigha’s emotional reaction below. Share this story and give someone a reason to smile today!

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