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Mom Takes Off Headphones During Run & Hears What Her Kids Are Chanting…

Top-down view of two kids in a stroller. Text on the image reads: I was running while pushing the kids but had my headphones in... I took them off and heard them chanting...

It’s no secret that life can get pretty darn tough at times. On our worst days, sometimes all we want is someone to cheer us on. Luckily for Michela, she has two adorable cheerleaders in her corner every day. Well, a lot of days, anyway. That’s because she has two little kids. During a recent run together, this mom was happy to discover that they created a motivational chant together, all to encourage her!

Best of all, Michela didn’t realize at first that this was what they were doing. While pushing them in a stroller, she was wearing headphones (at a safe volume so she could still be aware of her surroundings, of course). She could tell her kids were having fun, presumably singing, but it wasn’t until she took off her headphones that she realized exactly what they were saying… find out for yourself in the wholesome video below!

@michaela_gmc Sometimes you just need a little motivation while you run… 👏🏽💪🏽 #runner #fyp #workout ♬ original sound – Michaela

In unison, these siblings chanted, “Go mama, go! Go mama, go!” in the sweetest voices ever! It’s no wonder this grateful Mom chose to take the time to capture this moment. Who wouldn’t want to have this memory to look back on in the years to come?

While on a Run, This Mom’s Kids Surprise Her With an Encouraging Chant

“Sometimes you just need a little motivation while you run…” Michaela writes in the caption of her viral post.

“I do this too. Anytime I get weak I hear my daughter chant and it refuels me and I just take off,” another parent shares in the comments.

“I ran with mine as soon as it was safe to put her in a stroller and we didn’t get rid of it till she was like 6,” another person adds. “Some of my favorite memories.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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