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Mom Shares Video Of Ex-Husband Interacting With Her New Hubby… And It’s Surprisingly Wholesome!

a mom's ex-husband approaching her new husband while carrying flowers

When many marriages dissolve, bad feelings, resentment, and many other unchecked emotions are balanced between the former spouses. When you have an ex-husband and a new husband enters the scene, the results aren’t always conducive to productive parenting. However, that isn’t the case with every divorce, and that’s what we will talk about today. This is an important concept, especially when there are children involved.

It is awesome when formerly married spouses agree to co-parent and actually do so with grace. In our video today, a mother shares a video of her ex-husband bringing a birthday gift to their daughter. The ex-husband arrives at the home that the mother and daughter share with the new husband. He is met on the front walkway by the new guy, and the most wholesome thing happens next!

Ex-husband approaching home with new husband.
Image from Facebook.

Walking toward the ex-husband, the new husband appears to be offering to help carry packages. But, nope, his open arms go right past the bundles and wrap around the ex in a giant bear hug!

Both men hugging.
Image from Facebook.

That awesome exchange began a gift-giving mission that included the entire family. Mom was recording the event. The older daughter was standing by to receive her gift and flowers from her dad. And there was a little tyke hanging out, too. This is an important piece of this family.

The small girl is the daughter of the mother and the new husband. But the ex-husband greets her, and he interacts with the small child in a beautiful way. He didn’t ignore the child. He didn’t treat her any differently than he treated his biological daughter. This is a wonderful way to celebrate family. The ex-husband/dad handed the gifts to his daughter, then grabbed a hug.

Ex-husband giving his daughter birthday gifts and a hug.
Image from Facebook.

After he finished that exchange, he addressed the small child with a little wiggle joke. Then he knelt down to her level and asked her if he could get a hug (this is important too, but perhaps a discussion for another day). The little girl happily leaned in and wrapped her arms around the man.

Ex-husband getting a hug from the child of his ex-spouse and her new husband.
Image from Facebook.

This extended family has discovered the secret of moving beyond whatever prompted the divorce. They have grown and respect each other as co-parents. The ex-husband and new husband show respect and courtesy toward one another. This whole scene is just so wholesome and emotionally healthy for all the parties involved. We should all be celebrating moments like this within our own families.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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