Mom Shares Hilarious Reason Her Son Can’t Practice His Recorder At Home

Image shows a young boy playing a recorder while his dog howls next to him.

Learning to play the recorder is a rite of passage for elementary school students. The tiny, squeaky flutes are handed out in music class, usually around fourth grade. Parents cringe when they come out of backpacks. Recorder lessons only last about a month, so most families tolerate the invasive noise. For mom Jessica, it wasn’t the humans stopping music practice. Their dog dislikes the recorder so much that she won’t let their son play it.

Image shows a standard Yamaha recorder, similar to the ones used in music class to teach the instrument to children.
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Jessica was as prepared as any parent when her son brought his recorder home. Her anxiety soon faded as it became increasingly evident that her son would be unable to practice the recorder at home. Every time the boy put the recorder to his lips, their dog would begin howling. It was so funny and unbelievable that she made a TikTok video.

Jessica’s son can only play a few notes at a time before their family dog takes offense. The helpful dog provides vocal accompaniment, and its howling is somewhat melodious.

Left image shows a young boy playing a recorder flute. Right image shows a dog howling.
Image from TikTok.

As parents, we would probably want to howl, too. Unlike this poor dog, we know that the recorder session in music class will only last about a month. We are unsure if Jessica’s family learned how to deal with their dog and recorder practice. They might have spent the entire month listening to their dog’s vocal response. Or perhaps her son failed the recorder section of music class.

If you have an elementary school child, you have or will experience recorder lessons at some point. Our heart goes out to you as you experience this childhood rite of passage. Please share if you enjoyed this comedic look at how one dog responds to the recorder.

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