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Mom Shares Hilarious “Grievances My Toddler Has Filed This Week”

A woman looks at the camera, mouth open, as she holds papers in her hand. Text on the image: 4 grievances my toddler has filed this week...

You might think that toddlers have it easy. They do have adults doing basically everything for them, after all. But I’d venture to say that every single toddler would disagree. The only proof needed is in how often these little ones complain to their parents. Some of these complaints make sense, but others… well, others are just hilarious. That’s why Amber Wallin, mom to a toddler, decided to share on social media the grievances her little one had made that week so far.

From the start, you can tell this will be a great video. Despite the fact that it’s only Tuesday, the toddler’s complaint list is already four items long. Think you can guess what any of them are? Odds are, even if you have kids, you can’t. Each complaint only gets more hilarious than the last! Find out what they are in the video below.

@burr_iam #toddlermom ♬ original sound – Amber Wallin

Because there have been, and continue to be, many people in the world, it’s often said that none of us have ever had a truly unique experience. That being said, this toddler’s complaints are so oddly specific, she very well may be an exception!

Mom Goes Viral Over Hilarious Video

Although this toddler gave particularly unique complaints, parents from all over still understand on a personal level what it’s like to be Amber. But, surprisingly, people are also admitting that the toddler does make some good points…

“The G argument was 100% valid. She has changed my mind forever,” one person admits in the comments, with another adding, “Can we talk about Q too then?! Why is little Q baby p’s cousin?”

“I could watch an entire series of toddler grievances,” someone else says, speaking on behalf of so many of us, myself included.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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