Mom Shares Her Son’s Journey With Cerebral Palsy From The Day He Was Born.

Image shows parents with a premature baby and the explanation that doctors don't expect the baby to survive. Right frame shows the same child on his cerebral palsy journey attending intensive therapy at 4 years old.

When their son Beckham was born, doctors did not offer much hope. Their cerebral palsy journey begins when Rachel gives birth at 27 weeks. Beckham developed a brain bleed during the premature birth that resulted in cerebral palsy. Rachel and Hunter Hughes were told their son would not make it (spoiler alert: he is four now and still going strong). That initial prognosis did not deter these parents.



The most vulnerable video I’ve ever shared. The first time I held my son.. I can still barely watch this but when I do, im reminded of the miracles I’ve witnessed and the blessings we’ve received. He is the strongest little human. 🫶🏻 Im so grateful im his mama. #emotional #traumaticbirth #lifesupport #premature #preemie #prematurebaby #triggerwarning #loss #infantloss #miraclebaby

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Rachel has been telling their incredible story on her video blog (vlog) on TikTok and YouTube. Beckham was only 2lbs 8oz when he was born. The average weight of a newborn after normal gestation (37 to 41 weeks) is around seven pounds. Beckham was TINY! But he was born a fighter!

Rachel wants people to understand cerebral palsy and also to offer hope for other parents struggling with a similar diagnosis. She has taken the time on her vlog to tell the story of Beckham’s birth. She begins with the car accident that led to the premature birth via emergency C-Section. Part 1 and Part 2 of her incredible journey are available on YouTube.

The couple also has a daughter, Blakely, two years younger than Beckham. Although younger, Blakely is intent on being an awesome (and overprotective) sister to her big brother.

Raising a special needs child is a full-time job. There are ups and downs. Occasionally, there are setbacks, but there are also huge hurdles that warrant celebrations. Rachel’s vlog gives us an honest look at the struggles and triumphs of raising a child with cerebral palsy.

Recently, they enrolled Beckham in an intensive physical therapy program. While unsure of the results they might see, they felt it was important to try. The results were excellent, and Rachel shares those with her subscribers in “the best vlog I’ve ever made!” After one week in the program, the results were posted:

With therapy underway to improve Beckham’s muscle tone and coordination, he is on his way to an improved quality of life. Rachel will continue to discuss the ups and downs on her vlog. If you want to travel with the family on their cerebral palsy journey, subscribe to the House of Hughes on YouTube and TikTok. This family is a model of strength and courage!

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