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Mom Makes 1 Request Of Dad Before She Dies — Ends Up Epically Pranking Him For Yrs.

water plants prank

When it comes to pulling a prank, some people go all the way.

Four years ago, Phedre Fitton of South Africa lost her life to cancer at age 69. She had fought the disease for years, and before she passed away she asked her husband, Nigel, to promise her one thing: to water the plants she kept in their bathroom after she died. Nigel tearfully agreed.

Nigel and Phedre were married for 52 wonderful years, and he would have done anything for her.


So every day for four years, Nigel tended to the plants in the home they used to share. The Fittons’ daughter, Antonia Nicol, recently shared a hilarious anecdote on her Twitter page about those plants Nigel had been watering, and now her post has blown up because it’s just too great not to share!


Antonia posted a stock image of a plant that she’d found online, along with this message:


Turns out, Phedra had been punking her husband all this time! What a prankster!

“When my dad found out that he’d been watering plastic plants for years, it was so funny for all of us and made us feel like she was still with us,” Antonia said.

Nigel, who just moved out of the family home and into a senior residence, is thrilled with all of the attention Phedra’s joke is receiving on the internet.


The Twitterverse fell in love with both Phedra’s everlasting sense of humor and Nigel’s continued devotion. The reactions that poured into Antonia’s page ranged from heartfelt to hilarious.


Antonia was blown away by the supportive messages she received. She said she expected only a handful of people to see her tweet, but now her family’s story has been shared more than 40,000 times! She says, “It’s so lovely to hear my friends and family talking and remembering my mum again. She would have loved this so much.”

What a heartwarming story of enduring love and humor. Please share it with anyone who could use a smile today!

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