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Mom Catches Tiny Cowboy Having The Most Wholesome Conversation With His Pony.

A cowboy toddler talks to his grey pony.

This toddler may be small, but he already has all the makings of a great cowboy. He’s got the hat, the boots, and an incredible connection with horses. TikToker Graycie Schiess recently noticed her son talking to his little grey pony, and their conversation is just too cute! Obviously, she just had to get the adorable interaction on camera. This sweet video has already received over 3 million views!

In Graycie’s heartwarming footage, her son takes off his cowboy hat to show his pony that he got a new haircut. He also bends his head forward to give the animal a better look.

“See, I just got a haircut,” the tiny cowboy told the pony.

Then, the little boy noticed that his horse also seemed to have gotten a trim.

“You got a haircut, too?” he asked, before excitedly turning to his mom. “Skeeter got a haircut!”

Of course, if you think this little cowboy is cute when he’s talking to his pony, you should see him ride a horse! Well, with Dad’s help, of course.


It might sound cliché but it’s true… You blink and they grow…🥹 #kids #parents #horses #cowboy #parentsoftiktok #parenthood

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Kids seems to have a special way with animals, don’t they? We absolutely love to see the way that toddlers interact with their pets.

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