Mom Asks Son For Bedtime Snack Then Falls Asleep, So He Catalogs Every Moment With Hilarious Viral Photos.

Growing up, some of the funniest moments I had were with my mom. Without fail and no matter the occasion, she would fall asleep on the couch… especially while watching movies. My sisters and I would be having a normal conversation with her and then BOOM. She was out like a light.


This is where things would get interesting. My mom is a sleep talker -a trait that I may or may not have inherited- and the conversations my siblings and I had with her during these catatonic states were just too good. There is one particular phrase she let loose that has always stuck with me… “Don’t forget to put the cabbages in the bathtub.”

Avallone, a 20-year-old college student from Boston, has had similar experiences. He was spending some time with momma dearest last week when he captured something that has had the internet laughing for days. His mom, Eleanor, asked Avallone to bring her a snack… but by the time he got back from the kitchen she was zonked out.


“This is not a new thing. She constantly asks for snacks and always falls asleep so I got to a point [where I said], ‘I’m going to make this into a post. This is like funny.’


When the photo went viral, Eleanor was a good sport about it. The two have always been best friends, and the fun at her expense was just too funny not to share.


Thank goodness for the quirks that make us human. Have you ever experienced this with your parents? Go give your mom or loved one a call and laugh with them a minute about the good ol’ times!

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