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Meet Mo, The Rescue Pit Bull Who Prefers To Communicate Through Hilarious Screams.

howling pit bull in car next to dog mom and smiling pit bull

Kristin Allen never set out to become her dog’s talent manager, but you just never know where life will take you!

About a year ago, Kristin was going through a rough patch when she came home to her Phoenix, Arizona, apartment to see a large dog loitering on the street. She called to him a few times, and the pup slowly made his way toward her.

“He ran straight up to me, rested his head on my right leg, and looked up at me – panting but smiling, with that pittie face, that pittie smile,” Kristin said.

It was a boiling hot day in June, the day before Father’s Day, and Kristin needed a friend. Her father passed away when she was a teenager, and the annual celebration is a painful reminder of his passing. She was instantly comforted by the big, friendly dog, but she knew she had to do the right thing and try to locate his family.

Mo slept at Kristin’s place that night, but the next day, she took him to a shelter and agreed to a 72-hour hold while they searched for his owners. When no one came forward to claim him, Kristin was right there to bring him home!

“It seemed like a crazy sign that (Mo) walked into my life at a time when I really needed that support,” she said. “It was one of those ‘Who rescued who?’ stories.”

Feeling like their budding friendship was “meant to be,” Kristin spent the next year training Mo and getting him adjusted to his new lifestyle.

He is a high-energy dog who needs a lot of exercise, so they often take rides in the car to go hiking and swimming. During these road trips, Kristin learned something unusual about Mo. He’s a screamer!

Yes, that’s the sound Mo makes! Mo screams just about every time he’s in the car… and when he sees a pigeon, a squirrel, or any other dogs… and when he wants a little extra attention.

“He barks, too,” Kristin clarified. “He just usually screams.”

Over time, Kristin identified a few different sounds in his repertoire. When he’s hungry, he tends to “gurgle,” and sometimes he makes a funny chirping noise. Kristin thinks he sounds like a velociraptor!

The dog mom quickly got used to Mo’s screams, but when she shared videos on social media, other people fell in love with him, too! His videos started going viral, and his dedicated Mo the Screaming Staffy Instagram ballooned from 700 followers to more than 150,000 practically overnight!

Mo is a full-fledged internet celebrity now, and Kristin has resigned herself to managing her dog’s “career.”

“(We) are overwhelmed with such joy by the outpouring of love, solidarity, and support for pitties by so many of you from all over the world,” she wrote on Instagram. “Thank you for joining us on this journey and in our efforts to spread pittie love everywhere!!!”

Kristin and Mo now work with One Love Pit Bull Foundation to help raise money and end the stigma around pit bulls. She said meeting Mo has changed her life for the better, and she relishes the chance to use their social platform to help other rescue dogs find loving homes.

“What’s especially fun about Mo being an influencer is being able to connect with so many other people who are doing similar things on social, and spreading the positive word about pit bull-type dogs and shelter dogs in general,” Kristin said.

That is definitely a unique sound! We’re so glad these two found each other. It definitely seems to be a match made in heaven!

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