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Family’s Beloved Dog Finally Comes Home — 3 Yrs After She Ran Away!

smith family all standing around jill the pit bull, smiling

Family pets are… well… family. When you adopt a dog, they become an integral part of your life. Truly a member of your family. Such was the case for Rex and Britnee Smith when they adopted two pit bull siblings named Jack and Jill. Life in the Smith household was joyous until July 2020. 

Jack and Jill escaped from the backyard of their Little Rock, Arkansas home. After searching the neighborhood, the Smiths were unable to find either dog. The search included door-to-door canvassing, reaching out to veterinarian offices, and putting up countless posters. The Smiths had no luck finding the lost pit bull pups and eventually moved to McKinney, Texas. Their family was still missing two members, but thanks to a microchip, Jill has been located and reunited with the Smiths.

Family reuniting with their lost pit bull
Pit Bull Jill with Smith Family. Image from Facebook.

The Little Rock Animal Village (LRAV) received a call on July 27, 2023, about a pit bull running loose. They were able to capture the dog easily, telling Newsweek, “She just rolled over for him to rub her belly.” During the intake process, LRAV scanned for a microchip, which led to a happy ending for the Smith clan.

Rex and his family drove the 300 miles from Texas to Arkansas the next day to pick up their girl. The shelter has renewed efforts to locate Jack. The Smith family is happy to have one of their missing members back home where she belongs.

Smith family with Jill the pit bull
Smith Family reuniting with pit bull Jill. Image from Facebook.

On their Facebook page, LRAV discussed the virtues of microchipping your family pets. In this case, that one small thing resulted in a family being reunited with a beloved pet. There are many stories about animals being returned after many years due to microchips. If you have pets with microchips, be sure to update your contact information if it changes. 

After surviving on her own for three years, Jill is now back with her loving family and adjusting to life in Texas. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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