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Mini Dachshund Practices Self-Care By Adorably Tucking Himself In For A Nap.

A mini dachshund carefully walks up steps to get on a couch, all while carrying a blanket in his mouth. Text on the image reads “When no one wants to tuck you in for nap time, so you have to do it yourself.”

It’s not easy being an adorable mini dachshund but, somehow, Cooper does it every single day. Still, like every other cute pup, sometimes a long day requires a relaxing nap. His humans might not always be around to ensure his nap-time needs are met, but that’s okay, because Cooper is a strong, independent dog. And the proof is in this hilarious video.

Using his mouth, Cooper picks up a blanket that’s just about his size. He wags his tail excitedly as he makes his way to a staircase meant to help him reach the couch. With the blanket still in tow, he carefully climbs the steps and walks over to the side of the couch that’s closest to the windows.

The windows are large, giving Cooper a beautiful view of the city below. Between that and his beloved blanket, this precious pup has truly set himself up for the coziest nap ever. To really capture the feeling of this triumphant moment for the independent pup, the video is set to “I’m a Survivor” by Reba McEntire. Which, turns out, was the best choice ever.

Watch Cooper practice self-care in the video below.

@theminicoopzz Gotta do everything myself around here 😑 #minidachshund #puppy #cute #dogsoftiktok #trending #dachshund ♬ I'm A Survivor – Reba McEntire

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