Mime Gets More Than He Bargained For While Teasing This Patron.

parent tosses kid into pool with mime watching

Mimes are some of the silliest folks on Earth. They portray hilarious stories and jokes without any words. But when this mime teased a dad and his kid, he got a bit of a surprise!


The mime was strolling behind a family when he gestured that the dad should toss his kid into the water.

mime gesturing that the parent is crazy for tossing kid into water
This image is from TikTok.

He was giving a sassy expression and the gesture was obviously a joke.

This playful dad had a comeback for the mime though — he pretended to toss his kid into the pool!

The mime absolutely lost it. He was shocked and appalled that the dad would commit to such a hilarious gag.

With a flair for the dramatic, this mime acted out his exasperation and made a gesture at the dad, showing that he was a bit crazy for joking around with his kid.

It was totally hilarious because, in all honesty, the dad was just following the mime’s directions!

Over a million folks have liked this video on TikTok, and for good reason. It’s the purest form of silliness imaginable!

“The Mime: that was NOT A SUGGESTION!” captioned one fan, finding the moment hilarious.

“I think he almost gave the mime a heart attack,” commented another fan who noticed that, while the mime was acting, he was seriously concerned for a split-second!

Check out the awesome video of a mime responding to a dad’s hilarious joke.

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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