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Girls Trying To Prank Dad Freak Out When He Hilariously Outsmarts Them.

water cup prank

You’d have to get up pretty early to fool a guy like Larry Owens.

The veteran educator has spent his career helping kids and teens as a school counselor, so you could say there’s not much he hasn’t seen. When Larry’s daughter, college student Kiara Owens attempted to make him the victim of the latest internet prank challenge, he managed to keep calm and turn the table on her without even breaking a sweat.


The fun started when Kiara was visiting her family back in Texas. She and a friend decided to prank Larry in honor of April Fool’s Day, so they set up the “water cup challenge” they’d seen online. The challenge involves holding a full cup of water against the ceiling using only a broom handle. You win the challenge by lowering the cup to the ground without getting an unexpected rain shower in the process.

dad prank water cup

“We saw someone else try this and fail and dad always gives us the best reactions so we had to try it,” Kiara explained. She and her friend set up the cup against the ceiling and then ran away giggling, calling out, “See ya’ later, Larry!” over their shoulders. They seem poised to catch Larry off-guard, yet mere seconds later the veteran teacher begins to lower the cup slowly to the ground… with ease.


“Wha-a-a-at?!” you can hear Kiara cry out as her dad effortlessly turns the tables on their would-be prank. “We were mind blown, I completely expected dad to fail,” she said later. “The way he handled it at the end made us all laugh.”

Kiara put the video on her Twitter page where people instantly responded to the cool, calm, and collected manner that Larry worked his magic. The clip soon went viral with over 2 million views and tens of thousands of comments. Kiara couldn’t believe the video made her father internet-famous, but she couldn’t wait to share a funny picture of her good-natured dad in response. “People are loving it, and are calling him a wizard and Houdini and want more of him!” she said.


What a great sport! It’s so wonderful to see families joking around and having a good time together! Larry has to be one of the most easy-going dads alive. Just look at the way he handled that situation without batting an eye. If push ever comes to shove, our money’s on Larry having the cool head!

Watch Kiara pranking her dad in the video below, and be sure to share.

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