10 Wholesome Memes That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

old man and cat on his lap

The world is full of complex and difficult-to-digest things. Sometimes, you just need a simple, silly, and wholesome meme to ease your distress. Let’s dive into a few wholesome memes that are sure to cheer you up on these dark winter days!


Whether you’ve got a cold, or a test coming, or if you’re stressed for the holidays, these wholesome memes are going to restore your faith in the world. Cute and silly things are all over if we take the time to notice them!

1. All species enjoy a cocktail hour!

grandpa and cat drinking milk wholesome meme
This image is from Reddit.

While some of us enjoy wine or a beer, this grandpa and his cat have a simple, wholesome cocktail hour. Enjoy!

2. Silliness is timeless!

couple giggling during pictures
This image is from Reddit.

Every historical photo I’ve ever seen has been so stoic. It’s amazing to see this giggly version!

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