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Meet Milka, The Golden Who Became Her City’s Top Tourist Spot For The Best Reason.

milka the balcony dog on her balcony

From the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal, the world is full of breathtaking attractions.

In our opinion, the Polish city of Gdansk has them all beat – at least when it comes to cuteness!

Gdansk is one of the most popular cities in Poland. It’s known for its beaches and historical attractions, but Milka the golden retriever has quickly become its most popular tourist attraction!

She may not have meant to garner all this attention, but this adorable pup has stolen the hearts of thousands. Why? Because she loves to spend most of her time resting on the edge of her first-floor balcony!

She’s done it all by being her adorable self! Since Milka spends most of her time outside on the balcony, she can often be seen interacting with the people who pass by her busy street.

Milka is just so friendly that people can’t help stopping and saying hello!

As simple as this golden attraction may be, Milka’s balcony became so popular that at one point it was actually a tourist destination on Google Maps.

Officially titled “The Dog From The Balcony,” this hot spot even made it on a Polish website similar to Tripadvisor, where it secured the No. 1 spot for tourist attractions in the city.

Milka has managed to maintain consistently high reviews, leaving her with a 5/5 rating! That means she outranks some of the most popular locations around the globe, including the Statue of Liberty (at 4.7) and the Louvre (also at 4.7).

Although the Google page for this spectacular attraction has been removed, Milka’s Facebook is still booming. Not only has she kept her perfect rating, but she has also gained over 6,000 followers.

There, people are able to get a glimpse of the precious pup no matter how far they are from Poland.

We can’t get over the fact that enough people fell in love with Milka that she is now getting attention and praise from people all across the world! We haven’t visited her ourselves, but based on her photos, it’s safe to say that popularity is what she deserves.

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