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Pregnant Woman And Foster Cat Give Birth At Same Time And We’re In Love.

pregnant cat and woman next to newborn baby and kitten

Social media influencer Lauren Maners is proof that you should never say never.

In addition to being an influencer, Lauren is known to spend her time volunteering at animal shelters while she fosters lots of adorable pets. But when she became pregnant, Lauren decided to take a break… until she met Dove.

One day, Lauren and her husband, Kainan Maners, discovered a white cat in a parking lot. The poor thing was all alone, wounded and pregnant. Despite what Lauren had decided, she immediately knew there was no way she was going to leave the defenseless creature there.

It took a few visits to the vet, but soon enough, Dove was nursed back to health. All the while, Lauren’s bond with the cat only grew stronger.

The cherry on top was finding out that Dove would likely be giving birth around the same time as Lauren!

As an influencer, Lauren loves sharing special moments in her life with the world, from when she and Kainan met and began dating all the way to her pregnancy announcement. It’s no wonder their amazing adventure with Dove was no different.

During their pregnancies, Lauren and Dove only became closer. At any given moment, the two of them could be found together, supporting each other through this beautiful but difficult time.

“Had an exclusive Pregnant Girls Club meeting with my newest rescue, Dove. Does anyone want to guess who’s going to pop first?” Lauren wrote on Instagram.

Not long after asking that question, she got her answer. Lauren was ready to give birth, but Dove didn’t seem to be there yet. So Lauren and Kainan went off to the hospital, where Lauren delivered a beautiful baby girl named Kylie.

With their brand new baby in tow, Lauren and Kainan headed back home. Instead of being greeted by Dove, they were met by the precious white cat – and her kittens. That means they could have given birth at the same time!

When the tiny kittens were old enough, Lauren made it her mission to find them all the best, loving homes out there. Luckily, Dove was adopted by one of Lauren’s friends and her babies were adopted by people who live nearby, meaning they’ll be able to visit them anytime they want!

What a sweet story from such a lovely family! We’re so happy that both moms are happy, healthy, and still in each other’s lives.

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