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Miley Cyrus Sang At Her Best Friend’s Wedding & It’s Making Everyone Emotional.

If your best friend is a Grammy Award-winning artist, you’d better believe you’re going to ask her to sing at your wedding.

When Jen Talarico, one of Miley’s closest friends and a backup dancer on her tours, wed her boyfriend Ryan Novak, Miley was on hand to help the happy couple celebrate their big day. Not only that, but when Jen asked if Miley would sing one of her love songs for the couple’s first dance, Miley didn’t hesitate to say yes.


Miley sat beside Mike Schmidt (or Adam Levine doppelgänger) at the piano and said a few words about her friends Jen and Ryan before diving in to a gorgeous rendition of her hit song, “When I Look At You.”

Miley looks stunning, and she proves how effortless her talent really is with every note she hits. This is one singer who does not need auto-tune or other vocal enhancements; her voice is as strong and pitch perfect in this live setting as it is on her albums.


As Jen and Ryan twirl around behind Miley and Mike at the piano, you can feel the love between them fill up every crevice in the room. The way they gaze into each other’s eyes as if oblivious to all of the people around them is heartwarming on its own, but the sound of Miley’s powerful voice and meaningful lyrics makes the scene all the more beautiful.


If this didn’t make us wish for a famous singer as a best friend, we don’t know what would. Miley managed to absolutely crush this song while still keeping the focus right where it belongs, on the bride and groom.

Watch Miley’s gorgeous version of “When I Look At You” in the video below, and be sure to share.

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