Mike Rowe’s Wholesome Interaction With Lyft Driver Becomes Life-Changing.

mike rowe and bearded man

Mike Rowe, known for the show Dirty Jobs, took a Lyft drive the other day that ended up changing a life. You never know when miracles are going to pop up, and Mike put one in motion!


Mike ordered a Lyft to take him to the airport, and the truck that showed up was clearly the vehicle of a man with a lot of skills. Tools and lumber stuck out of the back, and Mike knew he was in for a fun trip.

mike rowe shows computer screen
This image is from Facebook.

Mike got to chatting with the driver who is also named Mike. He discovered that Lyft Driver Mike was not only a driver but a builder, too.

He had a long life full of all sorts of jobs and now cycled between driving and building teardrop campers by hand.

The name of Mike’s company?

Pretty Good Campers.

“I like to manage expectations,” the Lyft driver explained.

Mike Rowe’s post about his Lyft driver’s story is humorous and wholesome, shedding light on the levity and simple joys to be found in daily life.

But after Mike shared this story on Facebook… Pretty Good Campers went viral! The Facebook page has over 400,000 likes since the post hit the web.

Surely Lyft Driver Mike is looking forward to great days ahead for Pretty Good Campers. Read the whole story below for a seriously sweet anecdote.

The featured image for this post is from Facebook.

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