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Sweet Bunny Who Cuddled His Mom’s Pregnant Tummy Finally Meets Baby Brother!

Miffy is one popular bunny. He has nearly 700,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok, has collaborated with big brands, and has even been in a movie fittingly titled “Bunny.”

Needless to say, Miffy is used to being the center of attention. But all of that would change when his human mom, Sami Chen, became pregnant with her first child.

Sami had to wait a long nine months to know for sure how her bunny would feel about his human sibling, but early on, Miffy started to show signs that maybe he wouldn’t be so jealous after all.

“When he found out that I was pregnant he would lay by my belly and cuddle with me,” Sami said. “When I first got him, he wasn’t really cuddly but what really made us closer was my pregnancy.”

In addition to becoming much more snuggly, Miffy became more protective of his mom.

“He would stay with me,” she explained. “He would check on me. He would be by the bedroom door, just waiting for me to wake up.”

As Sami’s baby developed, Miffy increasingly took an interest in her tummy. Sami would talk about her new little one, asking if Miffy was excited to meet his baby brother. All the while, he’d use his giant ears to listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

With all signs pointing to these adorable siblings getting along, the big day finally arrived. Sami didn’t introduce them immediately, but once she did, the results were too cute for words.

“I was really worried that maybe Miffy would get jealous, but on the second morning Miffy jumped next to the baby,” Sami said. “He sniffs the baby really, really gently. I pet him and tell him that, ‘Miffy, you did a really good job!'”

Since that day, Miffy and baby Skye have only grown closer! Luckily for us, many of their adorable interactions can be found on Miffy’s social media pages.

“They play together. They eat together. They cuddle together,” their mom said. “They love each other like brother and brother.”

Talk about a match made in heaven! Watch some heartwarming clips of Miffy and Skye in the video below, and don’t forget to share this sweet story.

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