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Ballpark’s Hilarious Simba Cam Has Fans Reenacting “The Lion King” With Their Dogs.

Simba Cam and Lion King

Certain movie scenes are burned into our collective consciousness.

In the 1994 Disney movie, “The Lion King,” one such memorable moment features a monkey named Rafiki triumphantly hoisting newborn lion cub Simba into the air.


The scene has inspired plenty of funny photos and memes over the decades, but those pale in comparison to its newest trend. It’s called the Simba cam.

It’s a chance to channel your inner Rafiki and get your dog featured on the Jumbotron at a Major League Baseball stadium!

It all started at T-Mobile Park in Washington, the home of the Seattle Mariners. The stadium hosts regular events called “Bark in the Park,” in which they encourage fans to bring their well-behaved pups to the ballpark.

In order to bring a dog to the park, you must provide proof of vaccination. Puppies under 6 months have to stay home, and sorry, you can only bring one dog per person.

As you can imagine, these events are always popular with dog lovers! If you’ve ever been to a professional sporting event, you’re most likely familiar with the usual ways to get yourself featured on the giant screens at the stadium.

The kiss cam is a popular favorite! If the camera lands on you, you’re expected to kiss the person sitting next to you so the crowd can cheer. At Bark in the Park, however, it’s all about the dogs. That’s why, instead of a kiss cam, there’s a Simba cam!

When the iconic “Circle of Life” song starts to play over the loud speakers, people all over the stadium lift their pups up in hopes of being featured on the Jumbotron. The videos have us in stitches!

Now that Simba Cam videos are going viral online, several other MLB ballparks have started doing their own version of “Bark in the Park.” The Milwaukee Brewers, Los Angeles Dodgers, Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, and Detroit Tigers all have their own delightful dog events.

No matter what they call them, there’s always a Simba Cam!

We can’t get enough of these adorable videos. It’s great to see people out enjoying themselves with their pets!

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