Mickey Runs To Grab Daisy Duck When He Spots Adorable Baby Donald Duck In Crowd

A two-photo collage. The first shows Mickey Mouse and Daisy Duck standing on a staircase at Disney World, at a distance. Mickey is pointing to someone not in the photo and Daisy is looking over there. The second image shows a woman smiling as she holds her son, who is dressed like a baby Donald Duck.

There are countless magical memories to be made at a place like Disney World. One of the best has to be getting the chance to meet all of your favorite characters, both human and otherwise. Although Tucker Bohman’s son was excited to meet everyone, there was one particular duck he was especially ready for: Donald Duck, of course — because what’s cuter than this iconic character meeting a baby version of himself?

Seeing Disney characters react to this adorable baby Donald Duck is priceless! In a video sharing these moments, we first see Mickey Mouse. As soon as he spots the boy, he’s quick to share the cuteness with Daisy Duck. Without hesitating, she rushes over to interact with her tiny fan. Then, the video ends with the best interaction of all!

Disney Characters Cheerfully Greet an Adorable Baby Donald Duck

@toystorydad_ The way Mickey Mouse ran to get Daisy 💙😍 #donaldduck #disneyland ♬ original sound – toystorydad

When Donald Duck spots his mini-me sitting in a stroller, he greets him with a fist bump. Next, he gently takes his hand so they can go on a little stroll together.

Sometimes, seeing someone in a massive costume like this can scare kids, but this sweet boy isn’t frightened at all. On the contrary, he becomes fast friends with each character he meets. Though, I have a feeling I know which one is his favorite!

donald duck and mini donald duck

Folks of all ages are raving over what a magical experience this must have been for Tucker and his family.

“This is the cutest thing!” one person shares in the comments. “It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is just something so magical about Disney.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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