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Next-Level Kindergarten Teacher Takes Students On Epic Virtual Field Trip.

Before COVID-19 shut down schools around the world, many of us took teachers for granted. Seeing the way they turned on a dime to care for our kids during a pandemic has shown us what superstars they really are!

Michael Talcott teaches kindergarten in Seattle, Washington. He’s a young, dynamic educator with a real knack for engaging his little ones. His Instagram is filled with cute, clever videos of how he guides his students remotely. Recently, he thought outside the box by taking his class on a field trip – virtually!

As Michael walked through the Woodland Park Zoo, he acted just like he would have if his kids were there with him in the flesh. He held his laptop aloft so they could read the signs, see the animals, and even interact with friendly zookeepers. We can tell from their excited little voices that they loved every second of their virtual field trip!

This is some next-level teaching! Every video on Michael’s page makes us love him a bit more. Tag along on their virtual zoo trip in the video below, and don’t forget to share this awesome idea.

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