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Nervous Singer Stuns Judges With Confident “Proud Mary” Cover, Has Everyone Dancing!

If you’ve ever watched a show like “America’s Got Talent,” you know just how hard it is to put a memorable spin on a classic song. For example, countless people have covered “Proud Mary,” but it was made famous by Tina Turner and her killer dance moves.

That’s why the “All Together Now” judges were so impressed when contestant Michael Rice made the brave decision to take on the piece for his performance in 2019.


As Michael stood nervously in front of the 100 judges, he explained that he was about to sing one of his “favorite songs.” Of course, they didn’t know what to expect at the time – but then he belted out the first word, and they were hooked!

In a video, we see their faces go from shock and disbelief to pure excitement. Michael finds a unique twist, which makes his first few verses nothing short of phenomenal!

He somehow manages to pay tribute to Tina Turner’s style while making the song completely his own. Best of all, he hasn’t even reached the famous “rollin'” portion yet.


When he does, the judges stand up by the dozens so they can dance and sing along with Michael. All he needs to move on in the competition is a score of 81, and he surpasses that easily.

By the time he finishes, all 100 judges are standing to celebrate this talented artist – and his perfect score! Even his fellow contestants can’t help but applaud him for his epic talent.


While Michael didn’t end up winning his season, he’s definitely going to go far in life! We certainly can’t resist his upbeat voice.

Check out the amazing performance in the video below, and be sure to share this story with your friends.

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