Little Boy With Cerebral Palsy Crawls To Save Sleeping Family From Carbon Monoxide.

Michael Martinez’s parents have always thought of their son as their little miracle, but recently, he also became their hero!


Born at 27 weeks, the 7-year-old from Atascocita, Texas, has used a wheelchair all his life because he has cerebral palsy. He also has limited mobility in one arm. But none of that got in the way when he needed to save all his family members’ lives.

One January night, Michael woke up to a beeping sound. Neither he nor his parents had heard it before. While they didn’t know it then, it was their carbon monoxide alarm going off for the first time in at least 14 years. Someone had accidentally left a stove burner on.

The little boy was scared. He knew something was wrong, so he gathered all his courage and crawled to his parents’ room to warn them.

Thanks to his quick response, all seven of his family members, including his aunt and three cousins, woke up in time to run outside, where Michael’s mom Angie and her sister began feeling the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fortunately, everyone is fine now, and none of them could be prouder of their little hero! If you ask Angie, their story just goes to show that you should never underestimate anyone whose abilities differ from yours.

“Many people look at people with disabilities like they are not able to do much, but Michael showed everyone just how untrue that is,” Angie said. “We told him that he is our hero. If it wasn’t for him, we probably never would have woken up.”  

Not only is Michael being hailed a hero, but his family has since received an outpouring of donations so they can buy him a power wheelchair! Enjoy that new ride, Michael. You’ve certainly earned it!

Hear more about how Michael saved the day in the video below, and share his story to honor this brave boy.

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