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“Do Japanese Elders Like Foreigners In Japan?” Natives Share Beautifully Refreshing View.

Japanese elders answer questions about how they like tourists in Japan.

In a seven-part series on TikTok, Japan Juice shares what Japanese elders think of foreigners in Japan. The series is in Japanese, but the subtitles are easy to follow. Part 1 of the series begins with a gentleman who describes the novelty of tourists when he was a child. He lived in the remote village of Kumumoto, and they did not have many foreigners. He talks about how the children would follow the tourists with genuine curiosity.


Do Japanese Elders Like Foreigners in Japan part 1 #japan #japanjuice

♬ original sound – Japan Juice

In Part 2, the interviewer spoke with three people. The first person said, “Well, they come to Japan because they like it here, so I assume they’re enthusiasts of Japanese culture.” They continued that if they met a foreigner, they would engage them in conversation with a smile. The second woman could barely control her joy and enthusiasm. She declared, “I’m totally in love with them.” She mentioned several different countries, stating she loved them all. A stately gentleman admitted he liked them, followed with, “They’re nicer than Japanese people.”


Do Japanese Elders Like Foreigners in Japan part 2 #japan #elders #japanjuice

♬ original sound – Japan Juice
The overall feeling from all seven parts is that Japanese elders have a sense of appreciation for tourists or foreigners working in Japan. You will see several of the same people in the interviews as the interviewer asks different questions. I was surprised that many see Americans as very generous. You can view each of the additional parts here: Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity To Be A Tourist in Japan

If you ever get a chance to visit Japan, we urge you to do that. Although overseas trips can be expensive, the cultural experience can’t be imitated. Living the actual experience of walking the Tokyo streets is something that you won’t find sitting in your armchair watching tourism videos.

In Japan, they build special tunnels to protect tortoises from the dangers of railway switching stations. The people are friendly, even through a language barrier. It is a unique experience that offers a lifetime of memories.

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