5-Yr-Old With Autism Says His Name For The 1st Time And His Reaction Is Everything.

One of the most exciting moments for new parents is when their babies say their first words. Haley and Cory McGuire of Grove City, Ohio, may have had to wait a little longer to celebrate this milestone, but they couldn’t be happier now!


Meet their 5-year-old son Micah, who has autism. Because he is nonverbal, this cutie communicates with sign language. But in the past few weeks, he’s made huge strides toward using his voice!

Haley is a professional photographer who often features her work on TikTok. In September, she decided to share an incredibly special family moment with her fans instead. How could she resist? Micah recently said his first words!

In a video, we see him repeat several of his relatives’ names, most of which he’s never said before. Of course, his parents are over the moon.

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, he took an even bigger step the next day. With his loved ones around him, Micah said his own name for the first time!

Cheers erupted from his relatives as they celebrated his victory, and they weren’t the only ones! Millions are watching and rejoicing along with Micah’s family, who have since been flooded with encouraging messages.

“We have been overwhelmed with love and support for Micah that has been pouring out from all over the world,” they wrote on Facebook.

That’s not even the best part because Micah wasn’t finished! His parents are thrilled to report that he’s still talking and even practicing short sentences with Cory. It isn’t hard to see how proud the little one is of his achievements!


Micah update; He is STILL talking! 🥰 thank you all so much for loving and cheering for him! 💙 #autisim #speak

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Way to go, Micah! While you were perfect before, we’re happy you have another way to connect with your family. Here’s our suggestion for your next few words: “I am awesome!”

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