People Are Showing Off What’s Really Happening In Their Video Calls And It’s Hilarious.

More people are using video calls to work remotely than ever before, and it’s not without its challenges. Lagging internet connections, clingy animal coworkers, and family members who are also staying home are just a few of the distractions they face, but they’re not all bad. In fact, some of them are lots of fun!

Dr. Gretchen Goldman, an environmental engineer, now gives important interviews and reports online. Here she is on camera with CNN.

While everything looks neat and tidy in the small bit of living room we can see in the background, Gretchen recently came clean on Twitter about what’s really going on in her video calls.

“Just so I’m being honest,” the busy mom wrote, sharing an image of a toy-strewn floor, a laptop perched on a chair, and her waist-up only dress code.

Her delightful post inspired a flurry of other virtual employees to join in the fun! Check out 10 relatable pictures of people’s cobbled-together work stations and messy rooms below and try not to smile.

1. Are you even a parent if there isn’t a pile of abandoned toys somewhere in your vicinity?

2. You know you’ve reached peak levels when your coworkers are on a first-name basis with your pets.

3. Not too shabby! The professional light sure beats our approach.

4. We all need the “mute” feature every now and then.

5. Books have so many uses.

6. Not exactly an ergonomic workspace, but it’ll do in a pinch.

7. Who knew ironing boards made such versatile desks?

8. What they don’t see won’t hurt ’em.

9. No pants, no problem! We suspect news anchors have been doing this for years.

10. It’s called multitasking and all parents do it!

Who else can totally relate to these makeshift offices? We certainly can, so we appreciate Gretchen’s honesty. It’s nice to know we’re in such good company!

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